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Valuable VR experience - Stonehenge VR

A great VR trip to this prehistoric monument in Wiltshire England. Stonehenge VR experience developed by company Voyager VR in Unreal Engine 4.

This educational VR app can be loaded up on Oculus Rift at HTC Vive, that takes you on a VR guided tour of Stonehenge. I have to emphasize great graphics and control throughout the whole tour.

In the beginning, you have to go through control training in the special spaceship room. Then you can go to a assisted VR tour to Stonehenge. You will have a great VR experience accompanied by impressive effects and beautiful music.

You will have good knowledge of this mysterious place and also the great feeling from this VR experience...

Download from Viveport - https://www.viveport.com/apps/e67643a7-4aaf-450f-b955-536925dd02b0


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