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WebVR is the future - Yes or No?

WebVR is a new technology that displays 3D web content on your browser and we predict a big future in this direction.

What is WebVR?

WebVR is application interface which specifies as website content should display in Virtual reality. Most important thing is to use web browser for WebVR.

Now we haven´t official version of the web browser but we have developer version Firefox Nightly or Google Chromium.

If we want to use 3D content in a browser so we have to set up configuration in a browser.

Set up for Firefox Nightly browser:

  1. We enter a command in a browser like - "about config".
  2. In a browser, we set up function "openvr" to value true.
  3. For correct function, we need download library "openvrapi.dll" to the hard drive.
  4. If we want to use some headset for display 3d content so we need a plugin for connecting. For example, we can use HTC Vive headset and a plugin from SteamVR.

After this set up we can create some model in PlayCanvas framework for example. We upload FBX model old street to the PlayCanvas. The PlayCanvas is Javascript language framework so we create a script for grabbing and teleporting. The second script is a plugin for connecting with HTC Vive headset from SteamVR.

Sample from the conference CZECH VR FEST 2017 in Prague:

If you want to try WebVR application you can on the sample link:

Test WebVR

I think that WebVR will have a big benefit for future. Now we have a problem with browsers because browsers aren´t prepared yet. WebVR is technology which will run 3D applications from cloud hosting environment in future. These applications we could run anywhere on different devices like mobile devices, notebooks, tablets or other display devices.

A few examples from PlayCanvas editor:



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